About Aiambiq

Aiambiq creates interactive maps that enable facilities and venues to track building maintenance and repair, increase revenues through facility rentals, improve visitor experiences through better wayfinding, help event planners to plan and manage events, and plan space usage

Founder Story

In 2003, a project manager at the San Francisco International Airport confided in, then engineer, Will Spargur of the difficulty they were having tracking the installation of the security systems for the new International Terminal. To simplify their work, Will developed a custom database that allowed inspectors to track the thousands of assets that made up the airport's security systems.

Later for the new San Francisco Transbay Transit Center, Will developed a detailed map to coordinate the city's street closures due to the relocation of all utitlities out of the way of the transit center excavation. The map helped city officials, overwhelmed with contractor applications for street closure permits, manage traffic flow on the San Francisco's busiest streets.

Soon after, Will was creating drawings, maps and data visualizations for virtually every aspect of the SF Transit Center construction, from a 3d model overview of construction progress that simplified the coordination of work between contractors , progress billing review, and reporting to the Buy American project, which tracked the 1000s jobs created across the country for the Transit Center project with data organized from thousands of sources.

Recognizing the power of databases tied to maps to track assets and improve coordinations among stakeholders, Will created Aiambiq.