• Interactive overview map and space plans with embedded links to 360 degree photos
  • 360 panorama photos of your venue space
  • Custom web pages for the plans that match your site branding
Approx Capacity SeatedĀ  Size (sq ft) Cost per spaceĀ 
80 0 to 750 $250
125 751 to 1250 $300
160 1251 to 2000 $350
250 2000 to 3000 $400
425 3000 to 4000 $450

Annual Hosting Fee:
$50-$150 a year for venues under 20,000 square feet. Contact us for quotes on larger venues.

*Discounted pricing available for churches and nonprofits

To receive a free estimate for your space,
contact us and provide details about your venue and project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Sign up to schedule a time for us to visit your venue. We'll photograph the space and map it out for the floor plan. You're interactive floor plans and 360 photos will be online in no time.

You pay 50% before we shoot and measure the space and the remaining amount at the time of delivery of the final assets.
Is there a contract?
Yes, the contract can be filled out online or in person before start of work.
What do I do with the floor plans and photos?
We can host your web page of floor plans and 360 photos and customize it to match your website. Simply link to it from your website. This is generally the best option for venues who want to get started quickly and easily. For venues under 20,000 square feet, hosting fees typically range from $50 to $150 a year. Contact us for quotes on larger spaces.
How do I pay?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or bank transfers. For local customers, we also accept checks.
What happens if I am not satisfied with my Aiambiq purchase?
If you're not satisfied with the Aiambiq product or service, we offer a 50% refund. As the mapping and photography are already completed by the time you receive the assets, the initial 50% amount cannot be refunded.