Use this tool to get a rough estimate of the cost to create an interactive map for your facility. If your facility is composed of multiple sites or buildings run this estimator for each and total the results. This is only a guide not a quote. Actual cost varies depending on complexity of facility.

Do you have existing building plans?

Hosting Plans
3 Years
5 Years

Give details of each space/room to be included in interactive map. There is no need to include ancillary spaces less than 100 square feet like closets, bathrooms, hallways

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Sign up to schedule a time for us to visit your venue. We'll photograph the space and map it out for the floor plan. You're interactive floor plans and 360 photos will be online in no time.
What do I do with the floor plans and photos?
We can host your web page of floor plans and 360 photos and customize it to match your website. Simply link to it from your website. This is generally the best option for facilities managers who want to get started quickly and easily.