How to Navigate Our Interactive Floorplans

The starting point for navigating the floor plans for any venue is the overview page.

floor plan overview

Open the Floor Plan of a Venue Space

Next, to visit a specific room or space in the venue from the overview page, click a link from: the left sidebar, the list of spaces at the top of the page, or directly on a room on the floor plan itself.

click to drill down to detailed map

After arriving on the page of a specific room or space, you’ll see the floor plan for that particular venue space. From here, click any of the purple people icons.

click to view 360 degree photos

View a 360 Photo of a Venue

This will open a 360 photo showing a view of the room from that particular area in the space. Using your mouse or keyboard arrows, move the photo to see the room from different vantage points.  If you have a Gear VR or a Google Daydream, you will be able to view the 360 photo from your device via the browser. Return to the floor plan by clicking the map in the lower left side of the page. You can then visit another area of the space by clicking a different purple person icon.

360 degree photo