Hospital Mapping

Our interactive hospital floor plans make it easy for visitors, patients, and staff to navigate your facility from your website, mobile devices or on kiosks, reducing the need for extra staff to direct visitors.

We create the maps for you.

Even if no original building plans exist, we create the hospital map for you. We visit your site, measure and draft the hospital floor plans, then make them available online via a link or embed tools for your website.

Ease anxiety for visitors

The hospital maps have 360 degree photos embedded in them so visitors can become familiar with your space before arriving. It also allows patients and visitors to determine their route through the hospital,  parking and entrances, before they leave home.

Improve Operational Efficiency

If your hospital is already using Internet of Things (IOT) data from sensors or tags, improve operational efficiency by making it easy for staff to locate assets throughout the hospital directly from hospital mapping tools.

Manage the Facility

Get insights into how your space and resources are being used with maps that allow staff to pinpoint areas for maintenance, equipment, and doors.