What is an Interactive Facility Map?

Wed, Aug 21, 2019

Interactive maps make it a snap to share comprehensive, detailed rich information about the interior of a building, venue or space.

Aiambiq creates interactive maps that are accessible via a web pages that are customized to match a facility’s website. Web site visitors can see everything a facility has to offer. 

Each interactive map features an overview for a bird’s eye view of the entire facility, showing important interior and exterior details - number of floors, size and layouts of rooms, entrances, loading areas, stairs, elevators, halls, courtyards, restrooms and more. 

From the map, click on a space to take a closer look at the details from dimensions and amenities, to the locations of power outlets and sound equipment, and furniture and other important information.

Immersive 360 degree photos are embedded in the overview plan to show the overall character and atmosphere of a place allowing you to see the space like you’re standing in it.

These plans are not static. They can be setup to show multiple furniture layouts so visitors can see how a space is setup for different activities such as a dance floor, theater seating or buffet dinner. Imagination is the only limit.  We can also create custom layouts for special events.

Whether you rent a facility for meetings or weddings, coordinate activities with multiple users or are planning an event, interactive maps make your work far easier.  Find out more or get a free quote by contacting us at info@aiambiq.com

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