Facility Mapping

Interactive Facility Maps

From the overall layout of your facility to individual assets, Aiambiq's interactive facility maps seamlessly bring together information about your building, online, in a format that's easy to understand and navigate. What's more, we create the maps for you.

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We Create the Facility Maps

We do the mapping for your facility, from professional measuring and drafting the floor plans, to taking high quality 360 degree photos. We can also include outdoor spaces for campuses with multiple buildings.

The online maps show details of each room or space within your facility. Scale professional drawings show room dimensions and layouts, doors, and assets such as electric outlets, seating arrangements and more. Click on spots within the map to view 360 degree photos. The customzied maps show only information relevant to your particular facility. Embed maps into your website or link to them.
overview map

Manage Facility Assets

From various layout options, our maps enable you to visualize your space and make decisions about how desks, offices, meeting rooms, and points of interest should be arranged. We embed 360 degree photos so users can virtually walk through the different layouts.
indoor map

Mapping for Large Buildings

Our mapping service is targeted for buildings and indoor spaces such as hospitals, schools, event venues, retail stores, and offices.

Office Buildings

Enhance the efficiency of your building maintenance and teams through indoor facility maps that your staff can access online. Doors, facility assets, and hazards are mapped for quick access for maintenance crews. Display easy-to-use maps to guide visitors to meeting rooms and offices.
Schools & Universities

Make it easy for students to locate classrooms and buildings on campus. Also, tools and routes for emergency preparedness can be built right into the indoor maps.

Offer shoppers and facility maintenance crews interactive maps for easy navigation through your store. Use maps to help employees quickly locate product departments.

Ease the stress of visiting the hospital with maps that pinpoint doctors' offices, departments, as well as parking.

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