Interactive Maps for Facilities

We create interactive maps for facilities that combine maps, floor plans and 360 degree photos into one, easy-to-use online tool. 

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Go beyond static floor plans and flat photos

With our interactive, online maps, an overview page provides visitors with a bird's eye view of your entire venue or facility space. From there, they can click through to view details of specific spaces: dimensions, room capacities, furniture layouts, amenities as well as 360 degree panoramic photos.

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Access Anywhere, Anytime

Easily integrate the interactive maps into your own website via a link to a custom-branded floor plan page or using embed tools.

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Show Different Layout Options

Banquet or lecture? Wedding or conference? Our maps let users see how a facility can be set up for the varied activities that are held at your facility or venue. We also create custom layouts for specific events.

Aiambiq floor plan embedded into a website

360 Degree Panoramic Photos

Make it easy for clients to envision themselves in your space. Virtually walkthrough through the space via 360 photos embedded in the floor plans to view in your browser, phone or VR device.

Uses for Interactive Floor Plans

church wedding venue

Event Venues
From wedding reception sites to places for corporate events, show potential clients everything they need to see to determine if your venue is right for them.

meeting room

Conference Centers
Give conference attendees interactive maps right on their phones to help them find their way to sessions and keynote presentations.


Our interactive floor plan maps offer concert promoters an easy way to get a feel for your space, the locations of electrical and sound equipment, as well as seating and exits.

"We've been working with Aiambiq since early 2017. They created a beautiful rendering of our space complete with 360 views inside each room. This has been an invaluable tool for us to promote our theaters and restaurant to partners and potential renters. Plus their staff is a joy to work with. Highly recommended!"

- Duncan Wold, Operation Director at PianoFight
(multi-stage venue and restaurant, downtown San Francisco)

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