6 Tips for Events Managers to Get the Most Out of Online Floor Plans

Tue, Aug 06, 2019

Once your online floor plan has been created, we want to help you get business value as quickly as possible. We've compiled our top 6 tips for events managers to get the most out of your online floor plans.

1. Link to your online floor plan from your venue website.

Many venues link directly to the floor plans from the menu on their websites. Putting a link from the menu gives prospects who visit your website easy access to the information featured within the venue layouts to coordinate aspects of their events. We tailor the web pages where the floor plans are hosted, to match the design of your site for a seamless experience for your website visitors.

If you have separate web pages describing the features of the specific rooms or spaces within your venue, another option would be to link to your floor plans from these the room-specific web pages on your website. Feature photos, links to the floor plans, dimensions and written descriptions from the same web page on your site. Additionally, Aiambiq offers tools to embed the floor plans right into your own web pages. So, website visitors never have to click on a link to view your online floor plans.

2. Share floor plans with prospects via email

For a personal touch, when you're corresponding with prospects, you can share a link to the floor plans via email. Chat with people by phone as you virtually walk them through the spaces and amenities of your venue. This is particularly useful for prospects who are out of town or those who wish to save themselves a trip.

3. Send online floor plans to vendors

Provide an online tool to help vendors coordinate aspects of their events such as finding the locations of load in/out areas, setting up audio equipment, or preparing food.

4. Post on directory websites

Provide additional information about your venue on directory websites that feature your venue such as Here Comes the Guide, Peerspace, The Knot, or others. You can add a link directly to your venue layouts and 360 photos from your vendor profile on these sites.

5. Connect with prospects and vendors on social media

Show off the best aspects of your event spaces on social media by linking to your 360 photos and floor plans directly from social media posts.

6. Include event maps in your printed brochures

The floor plans that we create can be easily printed in high resolution quality. Feature them in folded brochures or flyers to share with prospects, clients and vendors.
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