How to Get an Office Floor Plan Made

Mon, May 27, 2019

What is it?

Similar to a plan that you might have for a house, an office floor plan is a two-dimensional drawing of an office space layout. The walls, doors, windows, bathrooms, meeting rooms, and kitchen are represented symbolically by lines and shape. The plan can also show assets in the office building such as electrical outlets, desks, tables, chairs and printers or even a map of car parking.

Why office floor plans are useful

If you are moving into a new building space or getting ready for growth, floor plans help to understand that space and use it efficiently, from ensuring employee desks fit comfortably to partitioning for meeting rooms. These plans, particularly when available online and interactively, allow you to virtually navigate rooms and quickly see the location of rooms, assets and equipment without having to walk through your entire building. This gives maintenance crews, technicians and security quick information for servicing problem areas.

Where to find existing plans

Often office blueprints already exist from the time that the building was constructed. The building owner may have the building plans, if the structure is relatively new, or they may be available from a municipal planning agency. Failing this, two other options remain: creating building plans yourself or employing a professional to do it for you.

In the past few years, the internet has exploded with online tools to create your own room floor plans. Simply, sign up and drag and drop to build a plan.

However, for the most accurate renderings of your space with interactive elements, you can use floor plan services of an expert professional to create one for you. Generally referred to as "as-built" drawings, these plans incorporate features that may have been added after the building was constructed, taking into account any renovations.
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