Why Event Venues Should Use Interactive Floor Plans

Thu, Mar 21, 2019

It wasn't so long ago that to find a new place we would call them up and ask for directions, "drive three miles on Main Street, take a left at the second stoplight, and it will be the first building on the right". But no matter how simple the directions, we, at times, managed to get lost.

Nowadays we can simply type an address into Google Maps to get turn-by-turn directions and see panoramic street view photos. People expect this information, from maps to panoramic photos, to be available online. Venues can offer the same convenience through interactive floor plans. they give prospects the same level of information they need about your event space to decide if it is a good fit for their event.

Why would my venue need interactive floor plans?
To determine if interactive floor plans are a good business investment, consider how much time you spend working with prospects from landing their business through their event.

Do you field phone calls, emails, meetings and site visits? How many site visits do you coordinate for the visitor to realize the second they walk in the door that the space is not right? How much business is lost because people didn't have the right information about your space? Do event planners ask for information that is difficult to provide?

Beyond your time and effort to win the business, the process of selecting a venue is time consuming for event planners as well. How are spaces laid out? Is it cozy and intimate or a large open space? Is it ornate, historical, perfect for a wedding, or simple and modern, best for a corporate event? What are the amenities: kitchen, parking, entrances, AV equipment, acoustics, accessibility? Interactive plans provide answers to all of these questions.

Feature details in an easy-to-use online tool
We designed our online floor plans to not only provide an overview of your venue, but to allow visitors to easily drill down and navigate specific areas of the venue to see details such as dimensions, layouts, furniture, electrical outlets and even the ceiling height, instantly. They can even open 360 degree panoramas to look around as if they are standing there.

Share information easily
Our plans give you the ability to communicate everything your venue has to offer simply by sharing a link. You can host it on your website, email to prospects and post to a venue listing site. The plans significantly reduce the need for site visits, allowing you to focus on the prospects most likely to book with you.

Get everyone on the same page
Often the decision to rent a space is a collaborative process. Prospects are communicating with several others reviewing information about different venues, weighing the pros and cons. Even if some decision makers can't make it to your site before their event, you can make sure they all have access to detailed information about your venue.
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